Fornasa Marmi Design

Our works of art put memories and emotions in concrete form.

Marble is a timeless material that can be used for the most innovative furnishing purposes.

Ancient instruments for time measurement, like sundials, become precious and unique pieces of art for parks, gardens and other outdoor locations.

Tops for Boundary walls, columns, windows and doors threshold, arches, personalization of mailboxes, etc.

Fornasa Marmi Design

Fornasa Marmi snc has been active in the marble and gravestoneshowroom sector since 1853.
Thanks to the skills of its technical and operative staff and to the well-established experience, the company is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality level workmanship.
Every product is the result of a painstaking craftmade work, starting from the selection of the materials and ending with the work’s placing.
The Company’s business is extended not only in the Veneto Region but also in the rest of Italy and abroad.
The Company, at its 5th generation, is currently run by Emilio Fornasa, Gianni Fornasa and Diego Fornasa.

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